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Outdoor life colors

Release Time : 2021-11-01

Outdoor Furniture life colors

Space carries our expectations for life, home, and pure land in our hearts. Create unlimited artistic possibilities and a comfortable and happy lifestyle in a limited structure.

The outdoor space has constructed a brand-new living mode, and at the same time found a more free and pure space. Here we can enjoy food and share stories. At night, the stars are close at hand, and everything is covered with beautiful filters in the vast night sky. The outdoor space color makes life no longer monotonous.

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Vitality space

Among all color systems, yellow has a moderate wavelength and is the most luminous color among all hues. It makes people's eyes bright, giving people a light, transparent, brilliant, hopeful and vibrant color impression.

When the healing and vibrant yellow is used in outdoor furniture, the unconventional and textured yellow runs through the entire space, making the entire outdoor space brighter.


Healing space / Healing space

The yellow living space environment gives you a warm and sunny feeling. The color of this set of outdoor tables and chairs exudes the sweetness of fruits. It is full of emotion and will bring warmth, sunshine, optimism and joy to people's hearts. Looking at the comfortable and warm yellow color, it can warm up the living space in the cold autumn and winter!

Yellow may not be the color of choice for space design,

But it gives people a feeling of warmth and brightness, full of hope and vitality.

Yellow is also a gentle, firm and energetic color,

In such a space surrounded by gentle temperament,

My mood suddenly became soft and sweet.

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Advanced palette

The outdoor series of tables and chairs are rich in colors. The free combination and matching is a beautiful landscape, which injects more bright and vibrant colors into the outdoor space, making the whole space like summer in all seasons and full of vitality.

Outdoor products use aluminum alloy as raw material and have been sprayed with powder, which means that even if they are exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, the color of the product remains the same, perfectly bright and plump.