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Release Time : 2021-11-16



"Relying on the south window is to express pride, and to judge one's knees is easy. The garden is interesting every day, although the door is always closed." Tao Yuanming's poem expresses the Chinese people's desire and satisfaction for owning a world of their own. The pergola is just one of this perfect way of expressing space.

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01. What is a yard?

The courtyard has evolved into a way of life, an emotional sustenance, with the dream of returning nature to life, the good desire to meet nature at home, and the beautiful mission of letting nature praise life. A courtyard restores people’s commitment to quality life. Appeal and longing.

As a transitional space between the indoor space and the outside, the courtyard has attributes-it is private, so it will give people a sense of psychological security.

The courtyard is also functional. For example, the rural yard can dry grains and store agricultural tools, and the urban yard can park and enjoy the coolness. With the development of the times and the changes in people's life needs, some courtyards have gradually faded away, but as a unique private space, courtyards have also begun to take on new functions.


02. Leisure space

With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of the living environment, more and more architectural renovations have highlighted the role of courtyard as an outdoor activity space. It can be used as an independent reception room, or a shared working space, and can also be used for entertainment and leisure. The venue.

The change in the function of the courtyard corresponds to a change in the needs of users-we no longer sun the harvested grains in the courtyard, but enjoy a happy time with three or five friends, and are no longer satisfied with the wide and flat courtyard. Rather, I like the “leisure world for one party” composed of various landscape plants. Three or two friends can enjoy the poetic beauty and it is very comfortable.

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03. Social space

More and more people have noticed that the spatial function of the courtyard is greater than that of the living space itself. What the guests need more are gatherings, gatherings, and places to play together, and they only take up a small amount of time to go back to their rooms to rest. Their core demand is "socialization", and the collocation design of the courtyard is particularly important.

In the transformation of some projects, various wonderful creativity and transformation methods have created unusual "courtyard spaces". The modern and simple courtyard space design provides a quiet, comfortable and free environment for people's social needs.

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04. Office space

From the traditional Chinese courtyard to the current roof "yard", the shape of the courtyard as an outdoor space is changing, the methods of transformation are changing, and people's needs are changing, but the yearning for this "one world" of their own has not changed. It is the desire for a better life that will create more yards in the heart.

In people’s traditional impression, the courtyard has always been used for planting flowers and trees or for entertainment activities, but after some matching design, the courtyard can also be transformed into an outdoor office space or a meeting space, becoming a new trend of outdoor Space, here, the beautiful outdoor natural scenery and casual atmosphere can inspire creative inspiration.