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The outdoor space is like a "temporary holiday garden"

Release Time : 2021-09-29

The outdoor space is like a "temporary holiday garden".

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Living in a city nowadays, having a yard is naturally a luxury. With a small corner, planting a small garden to create an outdoor leisure space, you can meet your expectations of "slow life".


The outdoor space is like a "temporary holiday garden", like a tree hole for My Neighbor Totoro, which can help dispel emotions. Even when we are very busy, we still have to sneak in, give ourselves time for a flower to bloom, to be quiet, and then go to meet the wind and rain outside the garden.

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Outdoor furniture is indispensable in the design of outdoor space. Outdoor furniture, as the embodiment of high-quality lifestyle, is taking up an increasing proportion in the furniture industry. Professional outdoor furniture exhibitions are held every year in Cologne, Germany, Paris, France, and Milan, Italy, exhibiting outdoor furniture and daily-use products from manufacturers in various countries and regions.


The design of outdoor furniture focuses on comfort, randomness, safety, ease, fun, and entertainment. These characteristics have become the core of the "slow life experience" design. The emotional care is conveyed through product experience and situational experience, so that outdoor furniture Create an affinity with the user, and you will be attracted to them unconsciously.

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What are you waiting for, choose a set of outdoor furniture that suits you, let your garden bloom with the greatest color, and enjoy your private space.