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There is a kind of beauty in the autumn garden

Release Time : 2021-09-29

There is a kind of beauty in the autumn garden

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The autumn is coming, the fragrance comes with the autumn breeze, the autumn rain and the coolness, the autumn yard has its own quiet temperament.

As soon as autumn begins, everything in the yard is simple and elegant, and even the air becomes more transparent. Using the term "light cloud and light wind", it is tailor-made for the autumn courtyard.

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Get up in the morning, soak a pot of fragrant tea, hold a cup, and sit down in the yard. You can see the blue sky and hear the birds singing on the trees not far away.

The interest came, count the wisps of sunlight that leaked through the leaves, or the morning glory leaves that were twirling up the corner of the courtyard to give a friendly handshake.

The colors of the grass and trees in the courtyard are not as dazzling as they were in midsummer, as if they were stained with the colors of autumn in a gust of autumn breeze, adding a sense of calmness. In the courtyard, feel the baptism of the autumn breeze together, and also feel the joyful beating of the mood.

Haruki Murakami said that the autumn sunshine is mellow and soft, shining at the top of the building. In autumn, the sun is just right, the temperature is just right, and the wind speed is just right. It is most suitable for lying in the courtyard, feeling the air around you, and enjoying life.

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Autumn all went to the courtyard to meet and talk about the past trip. The autumn season is high and refreshing, and it is most suitable to meet friends in the courtyard. The temperature is neither high nor low, and the autumn breeze is just right. You can walk with your friends on the paths planted with plants and walk in the warm lights.

You can also eat barbecue around the fire, eat fried chicken with beer, of course, you can also have an outdoor movie~