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There is a kind of leisure on the balcony

Release Time : 2021-09-29

There is a kind of leisure on the balcony, Romantic freehand brushwork

There is a kind of leisure on the balcony 

When the good weather meets the open-air garden balcony

It must be an extremely casual and lazy morning

While the breeze isn't dry

Looking at the traffic and the curtains raised by the breeze outside the window

Every beautiful morning starts with a cup of coffee on the balcony

The sun is just right on the weekend, meet up three or five friends

In the soft happiness brought by sunlight, wine and food

Enjoy a long and simple afternoon tea


Camille Witt, an illustrator who has lived in Paris for a long time

Turn the balcony into a romantic ``sky garden''

There is a kind of leisure on the balcony 

When the four seasons of flowers and grasses bloom

The breeze is coming, and the film of Fangfei dances with the wind

Except for sunny white clouds and blue sky

The sky is high and the birds fly, the sea is wide and the fish leap


Turn the balcony into a relaxing and comfortable "sea view platform"

As far as the eye can see, the water and the sky meet, the sea breeze is coming, refreshing

You can sit on the small balcony in the open air from morning to night~

Enjoy the sun and listen to the busy traffic

The sun goes down to watch the sunset and the afterglow of the sunset

There is a kind of leisure on the balcony

Cozy balcony time, gentle sunset...

This moment is also especially suitable for a drink

And the charm of the balcony lies in

No matter which corner you overlook

The most charming scenery can always be seen

Especially in the midsummer evening

With occasional bird song and breeze

Except for the distant scenery

You can also enjoy the unique bright starry sky under the night

The balcony is more romantic

Like the blue ocean, raising your eyes is a clear heart