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The "Mountain Resort" in midsummer is here

Release Time : 2021-10-12

The "Mountain Resort" in midsummer is here

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Since entering the dog days, various places have entered the "steamer" mode. In summer, cicadas call birds to tell of the scorching heat, but we have all kinds of cool artifacts to escort. So in ancient times when there was no air conditioner or electric fan, how did people cleverly enjoy the cold?

In ancient times, ordinary people used fans as a common way to enjoy the coolness. Holding a shaking fan in their hands, they can fan the wind when heated, and they can also be used for decoration. It really kills two birds with one stone. In addition, the ancient fancy coolness also includes the original refrigerator ice mirror, cool porcelain pillow sleeping artifact, and the favorite summer resort of the royal family.

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The summer resort that the emperors of the past dynasties like to go to is the Chengde Mountain Resort, which is based on the simple and elegant mountain villages. Taking the true colors of natural landscapes and absorbing the styles of Jiangnan and Northern Saibei, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing Emperors, etc., will visit this place every year.

Surprised by the rich imagination and wisdom of the ancients, which brought the slightest coolness to the scorching summer. In modern times, in addition to air-conditioning, these artifacts, we also have a "modern summer space" to create a refreshing and comfortable summer home.

Breathable rope, fresh and natural

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Rope knitting art, weaving naturally formed hollows, with unique toughness and breathability, matched with the log material, the light and shallow rusticity, with a combination of rigidity and softness, the hollow surface brings a simple and refreshing texture. It is a hot choice for a cool home in summer.

The unique Morandi color system of Nicaea series sofas uses low-saturated still life color relationship to create a casual, quiet and comfortable visual sense. The gray neutral tone highlights the modern art of life, which is 1 ℃ less bright and more 1 ℃ cool.

Simple aluminum alloy, beautiful skinny space

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The minimalist art of aluminum alloy is the embodiment of strength and tenderness, sometimes slender, sometimes rough, sometimes low-key, sometimes generous and luxurious. The light lines add a touch of agility to the space, and under the cold exterior, it also brings another unique sense of coolness.

The white scaffolding of the starry sky canopy is properly matched with wooden tables and chairs to give the space a simple and comfortable atmosphere. On summer nights, listening to the cicadas, watching the starry sky, chatting about the home, and telling the distant "canopy" is so uncomfortable.