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Human high-quality lifestyle, empathy with nature

Release Time : 2021-10-22

Human high-quality lifestyle, empathy with nature


Yearning for "outdoor life" is a change in lifestyle, an advancement in the quality of life, the pursuit of living in the spiritual realm, being close to nature, feeling nature, and embodying the dynamic balance of human emotions in the natural environment. This is the human high-quality lifestyle.

We are now more and more like to extend our life to nature, to be outdoors, to feel the other side of life, and make people have an unprecedented yearning for outdoor life.


In the outdoor space collocation, the designer uses casual tables and chairs, with vibrant colors and quiet colors. The dynamic and static combination complements the surrounding flowers and green plants. It is the famous poet Bai Juyi’s poem "Occasionally in a quiet environment, and then forgetting the mundane. "Heart" leisure mood.

In the hot outdoor dinner party, paired with a Roman umbrella, the atmosphere of vacation and leisure emerges, while sun protection and rain, show the modern young fashion style of life.

Under the large blue sky and white clouds outdoors, you are bathed in bright sunshine, and you can hear the sound of cicadas singing, birds and flowers, living in the sunny air, gestating the future of beauty, as if everything is worth looking forward to.


In the courtyard space, the designer matches the retractable dining table and lounge chair, and the retractable table top can extend the dining area to accommodate more large parties; with the gardening scenery, the warm and beautiful zero-distance impact on the sense of nerves, the sense of freedom is born from the heart, Take a stylish leisure trip in nature.