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When is the best time to buy outdoor furniture?

Release Time : 2022-05-30

When is the best time to buy outdoor furniture?


If you are a retailer or dealer of outdoor furniture, you should be very clear about the peak sales season. If you are a newcomer to outdoor furniture, today, we will analyze the purchase time of outdoor furniture for you.


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The best time to buy outdoor furniture


Perhaps, you will hear a lot of suggestions. It is suggested that you purchase outdoor furniture between the end of August and October. Although these months are a good time for shopping, in this year, in fact, more than these two months are the best time for purchasing. Next, we will break down each season and explain why it may or may not be an ideal time to buy new outdoor furniture.



Spring: The best season


In many tourist cities or countries and regions, summer is the peak time for them to buy outdoor furniture, because whether it is hotels, parks, restaurants, or balconies and courtyards at home, they will need outdoor furniture to decorate, so that they can enjoy the sunshine in summer.


If you decide to sell furniture before summer, be sure to find a suitable supplier and confirm the order from February to April. So that you can reach your place in June.



Summer: not the best time to buy


Summer is the peak season for outdoor furniture, which is basically one of the best time for retailers to sell in a year. For retailers, summer is not the best time to buy, but the best time to sell. However, for engineering projects, there is no time and season limit, but the procurement time is determined according to the time of the project.



Autumn: The best time


As there are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays in winter, many families or hotel restaurants need to purchase batches of outdoor furniture for holding parties, so this is another peak purchasing season of the year. Therefore, in order to catch up with the peak sales season, retailers and dealers need to complete the whole procurement process from July to September to ensure that the goods you need arrive in your country in October.


Winter: not the best time to buy


Winter, like summer, is the best time for sales, not the peak period of procurement. However, in order to have enough goods after the peak season, we need to replenish some hot selling products.



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