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How to buy high quality outdoor furniture from China?

Release Time : 2022-06-27

In China, outdoor furniture refers to any type of furniture that can be placed outdoors. Generally, this includes the following types of furniture:


A. garden sofa


B. outdoor table


C. outdoor swing


D. beach chair


E. Lying bed/king bed


F. stove table


G. gazebo


How to buy high quality outdoor furniture from China?


First, learn to ask furniture suppliers questions about Chinese outdoor furniture.


There are many questions you should ask when buying outdoor furniture in China, far more than we have listed below, but to get you started, here are a few questions you should ask when buying furniture in China.


1. What is the minimum order quantity?


2. What is the FOB price?


3. How will you package the furniture?


4. Do you have other company brands (many furniture businesses have multiple brands under different company names)


5. When was your company established? (The older you are, the more fixed the rules are, but that also means the more fixed the rules are)


6. Do you have Alibaba or company website? (Their company website is generally not very informative, but it helps to know more about them)


7. What is your main product? (It's a red flag if there are too many types of furniture, they are a trading company pretending to be a furniture factory)


8. Can I see some photos of your company, such as your employees, finished products, offices and factories? (hold them, do a reverse image search on google, check if they are stock images/from other factories)


9. What is your lead time? (How long until it is finished)


10. Do you accept custom orders? (Check out our other articles on OEM manufacturers for more information)


11. What material will this outdoor furniture be made of


12. What are the dimensions of this piece of furniture in feet/inches/cm/mm?


13. What is the package size?


14. Where is your factory?


15. How many people work here? (will show you what they are capable of)


16. Have you ever sold anything to your country?


17. What certification does your company have?


There are still plenty of questions to ask, but these 17 are sure to help you get the best deal.


Finally, outdoor furniture is known to be a seasonal purchase. Therefore, you need to buy a few months before the furniture season. In this way, you don't need to worry about missing the peak sales season due to delays in the production cycle of the factory, delays in shipping schedules, etc.



In conclusion


Buying outdoor furniture in China is very similar to buying any other type of furniture, but special care should be taken when purchasing furniture and what questions should be asked of the supplier. If you still have questions, please ask Darwin, we are more than happy to answer your doubts.

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