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Outdoor Motorized Metal Waterproof Aluminium Canopy Gazebo Awning Carport Garden Louver Roof Pergola

*No screw can be seen in the appearance of all pavilions

*Use wind proof roller shutter, not ordinary mosquito proof roller shutter

*The louver is independently designed and patented. The arc design reduces the sound of raindrops, and the rain slides more smoothly

*The shutter turns over and the sound is quieter

*The problem of light and rain leakage of louvers is solved

*All circuits can go through the inner pipe slot, which is not recommended to be exposed and less after-sales. Wires are more durable and less prone to aging

*The converter and motor used are waterproof devices. The whole pavilion uses weak current to ensure no electric shock. 12-24-36v is a safe voltage. We use 12V motor.